Quality Kitchen and Exterior Sliding Door With Aluminium Frame

Aluminium sliding doors are always an excellent addition to your house. Our sleek and modern appearance of the aluminium sliding door frame can be installed anywhere in your home to fit your specific needs while also being durable and long-lasting. 

Our aluminium kitchen sliding door can be a durable option to transition between the kitchen and your living spaces seamlessly. You can easily manoeuvre from your kitchen to other living spaces with a slimline frame design and effortless mechanism; where our exterior sliding door is also an excellent choice to complete your house due to its durability and weather-resistant material. Our aluminium frame can withstand severe weather conditions while providing a secure entryway to your home. The durable and weather-resistant frame requires minimal upkeep, making them a hassle-free addition to your home.

Experience the elegance and durability of our aluminium sliding doors with matching aluminium sliding windows. Explore our high-quality and stylish aluminium louvre window and cabinet to transform your residence completely! Contact us now for a free consultation.

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Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V1
Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V2
Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V3
Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V4
Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V5
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Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V7
Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V8
Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V9
Aluminium Glass Sliding Door V10
Aluminium Doors & Windows Supply & Install
Aluminium Doors & Windows Supply & Install

Why Choose Aluminium King High Quality Aluminium Glass Doors & Windows

01 Slimmer Design, More Light Less Shadow!
02 Provides a 100% Watertight House
03 Slimmer Frame, yet Stronger than Ever!
04 Folding Door Hinges Can Load Up to 100KG
05 Using Just One Finger to Open-Close a 105.6KG Folding Glass Door
06 Maximize Sound Dampening without Extra Cost
07 Extra Stainless Steel Mesh to Secure from Burglars and Mosquitoes

8 Quality Improvement Of Aluminium Glass
Sliding/Folding Door That Others May Not Do For You

Don't know how to choose high quality aluminium sliding/folding Door for your home or office? Let Aluminium King with over 20 years of experience in aluminium work to guide you!

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